Should you embrace your gray hair?

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Nicea went to Atelier, Matthew Landis’ new salon in Salt Lake City to discuss the topic of gray hair on this week’s addition of Secrets From Your Stylist. When we get older, growing gray hair becomes inevitable, but the question is: what do we do with it? Thankfully, Matthew the answers and the solutions to the age old issue. 

When should you stop dying your hair and simply embrace the string of silver? Matthew says you should embrace the gray hair when you are ready to embrace looking older. Gray hair ages our physical appearances which isn’t necessarily a negative, but just a simple fact of life. If you are confident with your age, grow out the gray and rock your natural beauty.

For those of you who don’t want to appear older and aren’t so comfortable with your gray hair, Michael suggests getting a demi-permanent color treatment. The demi-permanent color blends together your natural gray with your hair dye and creates a beautiful blended grow out. This is the perfect solution for anyone who has grays and wants to disguise them, but without having to make endless trips to the salon. 

Another tip from Michael is to go lighter with your hair color as you progress with age. As the grays start growing in, start the process of dying your hair lighter. This will help disguise the grays easier as well as help maintain your hair color for longer periods of time. 

If you have dark hair and don’t want to frequent your salon a couple times each month, you can use temporary sprays to get you through your in between period before your next salon appointment. Michael also suggests using eyeshadows to camouflage your hair growth and those pesky grays. 

For information or to book your next hair appointment with Matthew, you can visit his website or call at (801) 755-2392. 

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