SALT LAKE CITY (Good Things Utah) — Feeling our best is always in season, but for the holidays it’s time to do something extra for those special people on our list (and ourselves while we’re at it). Thanks to doTERRA Essential Oils, there is something for everyone this time around.

What are some of the amazing gift ideas from doTERRA? We got the scoop from Krista Numbers in our Good Things Utah studio.

Some of her aromatic ideas include Midnight Forest scented grooming for the guy in your life, On Guard Drops for the chilly winter ahead, and the Cuisine Collection to gift to the chef at home. Don’t forget the popular doTERRA Train Diffuser.

Krista Numbers says, “All of these incorporate high-quality, natural benefits of the essential oils… doTERRA is so good at sourcing the absolute best oils that they can find and also helping the most in the areas they go and source the product in.”

To learn more and browse all doTERRA products, go online to

In partnership with doTERRA, the YWCA Utah hopes to make another magical holiday for individuals across the state.

According to Saundra Stokes with YWCA Utah: “At the YWCA Utah, we have an emergency shelter for survivors of domestic violence. Survivors of domestic violence come from all walks of life…”

Candy Cane Lane is a week-long event hosted by YWCA Utah that allows the parents in their shelters who use some of the other services to shop for essentials, for themselves and their families, while also providing opportunities for them to do Christmas shopping.

The support they receive from Candy Cane Lane helps them throughout the year and they encourage anyone who can to sign up as a volunteer. To sign up, click the link here.

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