Schedule a professional to clean that smoke and water from your carpets

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Today, Jake Stone with Zerorez explains why it’s important to have a professional come in and help take care of those nasty chores instead of just doing it yourself or even hiring “the other guys.”

With a traditional cleaning, your carpets do get clean. But that residue is like a magnet, attracting new dirt right back into the carpets. Now, a month later, You’re wondering if you ever had the carpets cleaned at all!

That was the challenge, Zerorez developed a new cleaning method using our own proprietary process that features ZR water. This is where they take ordinary tap water and run it through a process of electrolysis. By charging the water we’re able to change the PH and change its cleaning abilities. This is the stuff Zerorez is cleaning with and it’s FABULOUS!

It cleans as good as a soap – But it’s just water! So there is no soap residue to leave behind and right now a lot of people are talking about how they can clean, but what you need to know is that Zerorez has been around for over 15 years, they’re lab tested and it’s been proven that no one out cleans Zerorez.

So if this method is so great, why aren’t the other guys doing the same thing? Zerorez developed and patented this cleaning process. So even when other guys say they are using the same methods, It’s simply not true. A big difference with Zerorez is their commitment to advancing the industry. Anyone else could have developed this but they didn’t care to BUT Zerorez did!

If you call (801) 288-9376 or visit the Zerorez website to schedule an appointment and mention this segment you’ll pay $33 per room and get the 4th room free.

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