Say goodbye to hot tools and hello to no heat curls

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Are you tired of putting damage to your hair when using heat hair tools? Savvy Curls work useing a thermal process to take the heat of your scalp “…to achieve smooth, beautiful curls or beachy waves effortlessly. Curl your hair in your sleep, during your workouts, at work or play and release those luscious, Hollywood-like curls.” 

Tami Van Der Veur, founder and CEO of Savvy Curls demonstrated how easy they are to use. She says, “you also save time and money by using this curling product compared to curling irons, rollers, sponge rollers or any other curling method out there.” It takes 2 minutes to wrap your hair and less than a minute to take it out.

There is no need to wash your hair daily to maintain these curls. The curls will easily last 3 to 5 days as long as you re-wrap hair nightly before bedtime. Just re-wrap hair dry, sleep and allow your natural body heat and the Savvy Curl wrap to do all the work.​

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