Salt Lake Community College is ready to invite students back to campus

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Everyone’s excited to move forward this year, but they’re continuing to adjust and try to stay healthy in this unusual climate. Salt Lake Community College is welcoming students back to campus in the fall. Their first priority, of course, is the health and safety of their campus community. And the first thing is about face coverings. Face coverings are required on campus including in all learning spaces and all other locations where social distancing is not possible.

The traditional settings that students are used to for learning are not the same as they once were on campus, but SLCC offers three options:

  1. Traditional in the classroom – face coverings required and social distancing protocols in effect. This also includes labs, and safety protocols are being developed for each lab setting.
  2. Online – offering more online courses than typical to accommodate the demand for remote learning
  3. Hybrid Classes – Classes are a mix between on-campus and online. Designed to reduce the number of students in a classroom at any given time. We’re investing in technology to make this happen.

SLCC has long been a leader in online learning and they will continue to be. However, as things open up students are looking for support beyond the monitor. SLCC offers advising sessions, health and counseling, as well as a detailed orientation.

To find out more go to SLCC now!

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