(Good Things Utah) It’s now springtime (almost summer) and this warm weather is here to stay for a while. And if you have ambitions of becoming more self-sustaining this year, gardening is a great way to fulfill that goal. While gardening may or may not reap large bounties of produce, those who spend time in the garden still get the pleasure of nursing something and watching it grow throughout the season.

Though many Utahns would like to get started in the garden for spring, not everyone has access to gardening space and/or a reliable source of water. For these individuals in the area, Salt Lake Community College is host to an entire garden and gardening community right on campus.

These SLCC Gardens are found at multiple campus locations and are available to students, faculty, and any other members of the community seeking a wholesome garden experience.

“We have folks in the garden this year that are excited, eager to share their knowledge with their fellow gardeners — we have many brand new beginner gardeners,” says Mackenzie McMillen with SLCC Gardens. “…college students — especially community college students around the country — have kind of a high rate of food insecurity that they experience. So it can also help with that.”

To rent a plot for planting, community members can go to slccgardens.com to fill out an application. For more information about additional amenities on campus, go to slcc.edu.

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