Rich spring colors are arriving at Millcreek Gardens. You’ll want to snag the early arrivals because of high demand this year. Millcreek is receiving shipments every day, sometimes as much as 14 pallets of trees and shrubs.

There are almost unlimited kinds to choose from. Multiple colors, solid colors, yellow and orange that make these pop. Purple petunias are a favorite.

You can find shrubs and trees like: dogwoods, barberries, spireas, dwarf conifers and all sorts of fresh tress and shrubs. You’ll find proven winners to the unusual vegetables: heirloom tomatoes, peppers hot and sweet, roses, and beautiful perennials like ‘a bleeding heart’, a spring bloomer.

If you want some of the work done for you, grab a drop-in basket and people will think you’ve been growing it forever.

There are things like herbs to flavor your drinks and foods with things like mint.

A common difficulty right now are frozen plants. The nasturtiums, for example, have been frozen with the volatile weather, but will rejuvenate. You can put them in your garden, trim the old greens away and new greenery will grow in all new. If you’ve had some things become frosted, trim them up, rustle the leaves, massage them, or give them fertilizer to help them come back.

Don’t wait because there is a big demand. Come to 3500 S 900 E Salt Lake City, UT, call 801-487-4131, or visit at

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