SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah)- Minimally invasive AirSculpt® is the next generation of body contouring. Designed to optimize both comfort and precision. Elite Body Sculpture’s patented technology enables surgeons to physically pluck your fat by the cell, like berries off a bush. AirSculpt® reveals your body’s natural contours by delicately targeting just the pockets of fat you want gone forever while completely sparing surrounding areas.

AirSculpt® technology contours the body so gently that patients can get sculpted and return to work the very next day! 

Elite Body Sculpture never uses general anesthesia, meaning patients remain awake throughout the entire procedure listening to music or chatting with a friend, nurse, or surgeon. Using local anesthesia drastically reduces risks while also allowing patients to be maneuvered during treatment to ensure perfectly balanced results.

Rather than cutting large incisions with a scalpel, AirSculpt® uses a biopsy punch tool just two millimeters wide to create an entryway that heals with dissolvable sutures. Entry points wind up looking like mere freckle marks, and surgeons strategically make them in folds or creases where they can be easily concealed.

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