(Good Things Utah) While intimacy isn’t everything in a relationship, it can still be a very important factor in the overall connection we have with our partner. For men who experience erectile dysfunction (ED), this disconnection is all too familiar as there are over 3 million sufferers in the United States every year.

With traditional treatments involving the use of invasive surgeries, injections, and expensive medications, a better option from Wasatch Medical Clinic is now available for men who want the most out of their relationship.

Using a breakthrough technology, called Acoustic Wave Therapy, the clinic is changing relationships around the nation. The therapy uses pulsating sound waves to rebuild and strengthen blood vessels for peak performance.

This non-invasive option is simple, private, and fast — often taking only 25 minutes over just a few sessions. Once complete, patients report better experiences in the bedroom and more intimate connections with their partners.

Before any treatment, patients will receive a FREE blood flow ultrasound to understand the level of care needed, as well as review medical history and current health.

To schedule an appointment with Wasatch Medical Clinic in Salt Lake City or St. George, visit them online at WasatchMedicalClinic.com or call them at 801-901-8000.

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