(Good Things Utah) Relationships are anything but easy. They require a lot of work from both parties to ensure a healthy dynamic can continue. But when any partnership loses its physical connection, most find it more difficult to manage the commitment. For men suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction), this hardship is all too real.

With over 30 million men in the United States affected by ED, studies show that only 29% sought out treatment from professional sources. This can be attributed to the traditional treatments for ED including pills, injections, and even surgery — each solution as painful as the last.

Today, a breakthrough technology is giving patient’s a non-invasive alternative called Acoustic Wave Therapy by Wasatch Medical Clinic.

The treatment makes use of pulsating sound waves to promote the regrowth of blood vessels and increase flow. Overall, this can result in increased performance and improved pleasure in the bedroom.

With just 2 to 4 private and pain-free treatments in the Wasatch Medical Clinic offices, patients and their partners notice long-term results. Spontaneous connection is restored without the use of invasive or ongoing treatment.

Call them today for a FREE exam, assessment, and blood flow ultrasound. Plus, receive a bonus gift for an extra special moment with that certain someone.

Wasatch Medical Clinic has locations in Murray and St. George. To learn more and schedule a visit, go online to WasatchMedicalClinic.com.


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