(Good Things Utah) Making the home buying experience easy for those looking to settle in Utah, Fieldstone Homes has been a go-to builder for residents since entering the Greater Salt Lake area in 1998. Now with over 5,000 homes built and ranked the third-largest homebuilder in Utah, Fieldstone Homes make a point to provide the highest quality work in each of the homes in their communities. These homes are built with the perfect blend of lifestyle, function, and comfort in mind.

Being in the industry for several decades now, Fieldstone Homes knows that each neighborhood has a lifecycle indicating the current health of a home and community. “That is such an important part of any new home or any existing home. It applies to every single homeowner,” says Kellie Little with Fieldstone Homes. “It’s pretty much where your home is in terms of being new or if it’s been sitting a while, or if it’s something that needs to be renovated.”

This lifecycle applies to all communities, regardless of their location, and is broken down into four stages:

Stage 1: Growth

An area begins to see new developments coming about that improve the community like schools, roads, shopping, etc.

Stage 2: Stability

A community has adapted to all changes, has successfully integrated into the surrounding area, and is thriving overall.

Stage 3: Decline

Buildings and homes in a community begin to deteriorate, requiring additional costs to fix and maintain.

Stage 4: Revitalization

A declining community has reached a point where it needs considerable renovation to kickstart growth again.

Considering the timeline of this lifecycle, buyers around the nation have decided to build their homes in new communities rather than move into existing communities. Clients who choose Fieldstone Homes find that building new homes can be advantageous for several reasons:

Area Growth

Building in a new area is exciting because it means more developments in the upcoming years like shopping centers, restaurants, and much more.


Newly-built communities tend to grow closer when those relationships are developed early on. Having close community bonds can be an integral piece to continuing growth.


Starting from the ground up, residents who choose to build their own homes have much more creative freedom with their overall appearance once finished.

New Home Systems

In a new home, all systems from the furnace to the plumbing are brand new, meaning you can rest easy knowing your home doesn’t need maintenance anytime soon.

“Growth is really exciting because when you look at growth — that’s what we do at Fieldstone Homes. We’re building new communities,” Kellie Little remarks. “…we’re expanding and we’re building new things in Utah.”

To view all new home models and communities from Fieldstone Homes, visit them online at FieldstoneHomes.com.

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