Salt Lake City, Utah (Good Things Utah) — If you are in the market for a little change in your career, nursing is in big demand! Eagle Gate College is ready to help get you started.

If you are ready to enroll in a nursing program, Eagle Gate College might have just what you’re looking for. We spoke with Chloe, a nursing program student, and wanted to know her thoughts on enrolling. She said, “The experience has been awesome. I was nervous to start and was really anxious. I expected the experience to be good, but it’s been even better than I expected. Just because, I really like my classmates, my teachers, and I’m just having a lot of fun.”

Eagle Gate caters to individuals looking to get into the healthcare and nursing fields. They offer flexible schedules and online courses catered to people looking to go back to school. Students are involved in hands-on tasks in the simulation and skills labs and get real hands-on clinical experience starting in their first semester. Eagle Gate offers year-round enrollment and there’s no waitlist. Next start date is May 8th and then Sept 5th. Eagle Gate College’s Career Service Department supports their students after they graduate by offering career development and employment assistance.

Tanner, another medical student at Eagle Gate, shared his experience with the program. He said, “We are seeing progress in the different roles of nursing. Nursing is getting more roles, that males are getting more interested in. I’m planning on becoming a nurse practitioner, which is an awesome way to use nursing and be able to advance. And that’s something a lot of men have seen as a good alternative to becoming a doctor. It’s less school, but you get to use a lot of those same skills. Nursing is a really good way to get into that.”

Programs offered at the Murray campus:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Medical Assisting
  • Masters Entry Program in Nursing
  • Master of Science in Nursing

Ready for your next step? Eagle Gate College is a fully accredited Nursing and Healthcare school with campuses in Layton, Murray and Provo, Utah followed by Boise and Idaho Falls, Idaho. Eagle Gate is hosting a lunch and learn on February 23rd at the Murray location for prospective students. For more information visit

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