(Good Things Utah) A new platform is available for all outdoor adventurers looking for the best value on their travels. The platform based out of Idaho, called DayTrail, allows users to search for recreational vehicles or equipment for rent in the area, and reserve them with the click of a button. For owners, they’re given the chance to rent out their unused vehicles on a trusted online resource.

“It’s a platform, like Airbnb, where individuals can put their — I like to call them ‘garage ornaments’ — online to rent to other individuals,” says DayTrail founder Brett Simmons. “On the platform, as an owner, you list your equipment on a schedule. You can put it on whenever you’re not using it and make it available.”

Safety is of utmost priority for DayTrail, as each user is given a background check to see if they’re approved to utilize the platform. Bookings are also covered by insurance, which provides owners even more reassurance that their rental is safe. DayTrail allows owners to rent out a variety of vehicles and equipment including ATVs, dirt bikes, boats, RVs, trailers, street bikes, and much more.

All adventurers looking to list or rent can get started using the easy-to-follow steps on DayTrail.com.

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