(Good Things Utah) Summer is a time to have fun in the sun with family and friends — not time spent taming our hair. Keeping us going with some amazing tips using some ordinary hair accessories, Maddy Pace with Studio 101 joined us on Good Things Utah. She shared some of her favorite ways to pull off a spectacular hairstyle quickly and without breaking the bank.

Always there to save the day — Maddy is a Master Stylist who works hard to make our GTU team look great every week!

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You can visit Studio 101 at 718 E 3900 S in Salt Lake City.

To book an appointment with Studio 101, call/text them at (435) 574-9776 or schedule online at www.bit.ly/hairwizards.

Maddy Pace | Studio 101 Owner and Master Stylist

Summer Hair Accessory Tips

Tip #1: Use Smaller Hair Clips

The quality of a hair clip lies in the strength of the spring, not the size. Most larger clips don’t work well for thick hair as they’re often made with cheaper materials prone to breaking and are less capable of holding hair in place.

Tip #2: DIY Scrunchies

Scrunchies are great for a variety of styles, though often come in limited designs. Using your average hair tie, open it up to a world of other possibilities by simply tying a regular piece of fabric around it.

Tip #3: Quick & Easy Updo

Start by pulling the hair above the ears back. Then, using both hands, wrap the hair into a bun — either loose or tight. Use a small clip to hold the bun in place. Any hair sticking out can be settled later on with a bobby pin. Take the remaining hair hanging behind the head and wrap it around the bun to complete the look.

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