Pure Farmland celebrates Summit Community Gardens with a massive $10,000 donation!

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(Good Things Utah) – Pure Farmland believes that quality fresh food should be available to everyone. Part of the food-driven mission is to increase the availability of locally grown fruits and vegetables nationwide via support for community-run gardens. This week, Pure Farmland stopped by Park cIty, Utah to award a local community farm with some sustaining funds for their contribution to the city.

Community gardens are a valuable part of any city, town, or neighborhood. They benefit the environment around them and positively impact the well-being of community members. Community gardens are able to reduce the impact of food deserts in low-income areas and allow residents greater access to nutritious food that is necessary to live a healthy life. Not only do they help people get the food they need, but they also provide a place for the community to get stronger, together.

The Pure Growth Project is a program that supports community gardens in neighborhoods and preserves essential farmland where America’s food is grown. Throughout the year, Pure Farmland will donate an astonishing $100,000 in total to eligible nonprofit organizations and food projects. New community gardens are added to their map each day, and the foundation gives grants to worthy applicants each and every year.

In the second year of their mission, the Pure Growth Project awarded Summit Community Gardens in Park City with a $10,000 grant for their work in the community.

At 6,800 feet above sea level, in a pretty dry climate, with a very short growing season, gardening can be challenging even for experts. Despite the challenge of altitude and weather, Summit Community Garden was able to donate 1,000lbs of freshly grown food to the Park City community.

It shouldn’t be a privelage to have access to fresh local produce. There are so many rural and urban areas that don’t have this access and this program helps to nourish these communities that are in need.

Lauren Connelly, Brand Manager, Pure Farmland

Since 2015, Summit Community Gardens have been caring for a 1.5-acre garden located centrally in the Snyderville Basin. This space is now home to 132 community garden plots, perennial demonstration beds, vegetable demonstration beds, a beehive, a kids’ garden, a small orchard, and a compost center.

The garden has grown thousands of pounds of fresh vegetables to distribute to those in the community that needs it most. Summit Community Gardens is a place in which to gather, learn, and grow. The garden holds magic and it holds peace.

Inside Summit Community Gardens

Through the Pure Growth Project, the brand promises to provide $100,000 in financial support via grants, ranging from $1,000 to $20,000 each to eligible nonprofit organizations and food projects throughout the country. The Pure Growth Project will continue to support community gardens in neighborhoods and preserve the essential farmland where America’s food is grown.

Learn more by visiting their website.

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