Prepare your tires for winter weather with 3 simple checks

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(Good Things Utah) – With winter weather approaching and a near guarantee of hazardous icy roads on the horizon, vehicle safety should be the first thing on your mind. Nick Martin, with Jiffy Lube’s Tire Services, joined the show to share what he thinks is the best defense against arduous winter driving conditions.

Utah winter is coming quickly. Are your tires ready to handle the mix of snow, slush, and ice on the roads? Whether your tires are new, or they’ve already seen a few winters, proper winter maintenance is crucial to safely navigate the roads this winter.

Here are Jiffy Lube’s top three checks you need to do on your tires before the first snowfall:

1. Check your tire pressure often

Don’t worry if that strange-looking wheel-shaped light comes on while you’re driving. It just means you need to check your tire pressure and adjust them according to the outside temperature. Checking your tire pressure is essential and should be done at least once per month during winter.

If you’re not sure what your tire pressure should be set for winter driving, you can either check your vehicle’s owner’s manual or bring it in to get serviced by the professionals.

2. Check the Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The purpose of your vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system (TMPS) is to warn you that at least one or more tires are significantly under-inflated, possibly creating unsafe driving conditions. If you did your best checking the tire pressures regularly but they’re still dropping quickly in certain situations, you might want to get the system check out.

If your TMPS isn’t working properly it can be a huge safety hazard. If you don’t notice, low tire pressure will decrease fuel economy and cause tires to wear out more quickly. These are all reasons to be vigilant about checking tire pressure at least monthly and to not rely on a TPMS to do the job.

3. Check the tread on your tires

Last but not least is tire rotation! It’s important to routinely reposition your vehicle’s tires in specific patterns from front to back or side to side, which is an important element of tire upkeep and safety. 

Regularly rotating your tires also gives you a good opportunity to visually inspect them for damage, check their air pressure, have them rebalanced if you’re noticing any vibration, and check their tread depth.

Winter Tire Services at Jiffy Lube

If you need a tire rotation, tire check, or tire replacement, call or visit a participating Jiffy Lube location.

For tire replacement, you can get brand and model information and get a customized quote for your specific vehicle. You can also “Request a Quote” online at Jiffy Lube Utah. On the site, you will find all available Utah locations offering tire services as well as coupons for these services and more.

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