Dress up your guest room for the holiday season! Create a cozy bedroom complete with luxury. Destini Madsen and Samantha Brannon showed us how.

For the bed, have nice sheets and fluffy pillows galore garnished with lots of blankets. Have clean towels prepared on the bed, along with a “things you may have forgotten” basket. Packed with toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouth wash, lotion and other things that are easy to forget. 

In addition to this, a handy knick knack to have around is a sound machine. Those who visit may not be accustomed to the noises in your house. To help them sleep comfortably, have a sound machine in the bedroom. 

Some add ons to keep the bedroom spiffy are some slippers and a snack pack. Many guests don’t feel comfortable going into the kitchen, so having a basket or package with water, snacks and sweets to keep them comfy. 

Last, but not least, WiFi! Having a paper or picture frame placed next to the bed with the WiFi and password.

This may sound like a lot of work, but Set the Stage is here to help! Visit their website and bring them in to help during the holidays. 

Website: www.wesetthestage.com