(Good Things Utah) We’re living in a time where technology keeps us more connected than ever before. Though, this connection can tend to divide us with differences in opinion and basic misunderstandings.

There have been many philosophies suggesting that ‘more listening and less talking’ can be key to improving this interpersonal communication. Familiar terms like the ‘golden rule’ and ‘platinum rule’ have branched from this mindset. But these often stray away from truly ‘selfless’ intentions and expressing our views effectively.

The Ruby Rule by Arthur F. Coombs III shares the secret to becoming less focused on self and more focused on others. It teaches readers to grow an appreciation for other perspectives and stay in control of their emotions. This rule also shows that being loud doesn’t always mean being heard — a mindset that promotes respect and love.

Becoming ruby in our relationships can make a difference in many areas of life including politics, religion, social issues, and much more. Overall, the book offers a healthier approach to our discussions and aims to change how we connect as human beings.

Commended for its positive message, the book has been highlighted recently by Melissa Dalton Martinez of The Book Break. “I found The Ruby Rule to be so helpful and important for responding to many of the arguments and manners of today, whether online or in-person, among strangers or even close friends,” Melissa says.

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