(Good Things Utah) Now that kids have been back in school and routines have been established, families are figuring out what it is that they need more or less of. Lifestyle Influencer Bethany Braun-Silva is here to share a few products to help with your back-to-school needs.

First, we are talking about Brainiac. Brainiac provides delicious brain-boosting snacks that families love to eat. Created alongside a team of nutritionists and neurologists; the line includes grab-and-go fruit pouches, nut butter, and bars made with premium, clean ingredients.

Find where you can get Brainiac: Food for Hungry Minds by clicking here.

Another product that Bethany Braun-Silva has for us because she knows all too well how horrible it is when the kids get home from school and they’re hungry and still have homework and other chores to do and just can’t wait until dinner time.

She suggests checking out the FarmRich website where you can get fun snacks and appetizer ideas!

We’ve talked about ways to help the tired and hungry kids but what about the people who take care of those kids? They’re also adjusting to the new schedule and routines. Lucky for all of us, Bethany has something to help!

CELSIUS is a better option for you. It is a premium alternative to traditional energy drinks. It has ZERO sugar and is made with premium ingredients like Ginger, Green Tea, and Guarana – none of the bad stuff just the essential energy you need. CELSIUS was created to help people LIVE FIT, exceed their goals, and elevate their everyday lives.

Learn more about CELSIUS by checking out their website and you can also find where you can buy locally!

Now that we’ve talked about how to help keep the kids and our bodies going through the day, let’s talk about a few different items that could be needed now that those kids are getting extra exposure!

Let’s talk about head lice and how to treat it. Head Lice is one of the most common infestations worldwide. In the United States, an estimated 6-12 million people are treated for head lice each year, and studies have shown that it’s most common among preschool and school-aged children.

Bethany suggests using Vamousse as it is the ONLY head lice brand to offer a full range of clinically and scientifically proven treatment, follow-up, and daily prevention products to confidently treat at home. 

Learn more about Vamousse and how to treat AND prevent Head Lice by visiting their website.

We’ve talked about what your school-aged kids need, but what about the little kids that are still at home? How can you save money without sacrificing care for them?

Have you heard about DYPER? They offer home delivery with an SOS service – Delivery to you in as little as 4 hours at no extra cost. In addition, if you order more than you need – you can send them back with a prepaid label. They also deliver them in recyclable boxes that use non-toxic inks.

Their diapers are designed to be some of the softest, most comfortable diapers on the market. They use the highest quality absorption layer that is free of harsh compounds, TBT, or phthalates.

Learn more about DYPER and the services that they offer by visiting their website.

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