(Good Things Utah) There’s a world of tasty temptations out there, each daring us to give in to our sweet tooth. While looking the other way isn’t always easy, some treats make it impossible to say ‘no’ to.

After becoming a local favorite in Spokane, a new establishment now open in South Jordan is crafting sweets far too good to turn down. Hello Sugar is a one-stop sugar shop with a knack for amazing gourmet donuts, ice cream, and beverages.

First known for its creative variety of specialty donut flavors, Hello Sugar was an unexpected overnight success founded by Amy Staton.

According to Staton: “We didn’t plan on this blowing up the way that it did and our community has just embraced us with wide open arms… And we’re so excited to bring this to Utah and get to experience you guys have it for the first time.”

Signature mini donut creations like the original Hello Sugar (vanilla), Lavender, S’more, Root Beer Float, Strawberry Shortcake, and Dutch Baby flavors have given the shop a ‘glittering’ reputation among foodies.

Visitors have the chance to customize an assorted box of donuts, freshly prepared in the shop and complete with their name printed on the lid.

The brand new location is open at 11429 S District Drive in South Jordan. Everyone who visits the shop on Saturday, August 20th will receive a FREE donut.

Follow along with them on social media at @HelloSugar.

To learn more and browse flavors, go to HelloSugarDonuts.com.


Hello Sugar

Lilac Lavender


Dutch Baby

Huckleberry Heaven


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