Imagine if you never had to suffer through another cold, icy, and precarious installation of holiday lights ever again. You’d never have to untangle that heap of lights overflowing from an old storage container and the hassle of replacing burnt-out bulbs would cease to exist. Even better, you’d no longer have to settle for those one-size-fits-all Christmas lights as your only home lighting option.

JellyFish Lighting offers light installation for homes using custom painted aluminum tracks that are designed to blend in with any exterior and attach under or along the roofline. With millions of colors and patterns to choose from, the lighting fixtures go beyond holiday use and can double as a security feature at the touch of a button.

Stop buying new light strands every other year. Gone are the days of you risking your life teetering off a 30ft ladder trying to outfit the awning with sub-par lighting equipment as your husband/wife looks on in horror. The JellyFish Lighting System is a robust, outdoor-rated LED lighting system known for its outstanding durability and energy efficiency. Most importantly, it’s installed by professionals, meaning you get to stay on the ground. Did we mention you can even create your own accent lighting that best showcases your home?

You can choose which lights you want one and what color from over 16 million different colors and any hue of white. If you don’t know the color palette too well, don’t worry. There are 102 preset patterns from our customer’s recommendations that you can automatically apply to your light system. 

To get the the all-in-one outdoor lighting solution, go to JellyFish Lighting now.

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