(Good Things Utah) Today is an especially exciting day at The Leonardo as they are launching a new exhibit, Leonardo’s Lab. Along with the Lab, they’re also Unveiling the Peace Garden

Leanna the Exhibits Manager told Surae and Deena a little bit about the Lab at The Leonardo exhibit and what people can expect!

Heidi Kuhn, the founder of The Roots of Peace spoke with Deena to discuss what her organization does and why they chose The Leonardo Museum as the location.

Heidi launched the organization in 1997, inspired by Princess Diana’s tireless work to bring light to the scourge of landmines around the world. Over the last twenty-five years, Roots of Peace has transformed minefields into thriving farmland in Afghanistan, Angola, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cambodia, Croatia, Iraq, Israel, Palestine and Vietnam providing exports to new markets benefiting over one million farmers and traders.

The Leonardo Museum unveiled the Roots of Peace Garden in tribute to their 25th Anniversary of turning ‘MINES TO VINES’—replacing landmines with sustainable agriculture worldwide.

If you’d like to learn more about Roots of Peace, visit their website.

Did you know that while you’re at the Leonardo there is a place you can visit to have lunch or dinner if you can’t get enough of everything you’re seeing!?

The Salt Bistro is located IN the Leonardo Museum. This allows for you to attend the Lab, The Peace Garden, and also have dinner! How great that you can take the whole family and make a day of the event!

Today we got to visit with Britt Jursik who is the Head Chef and Bistro Manager. Britt has been in the food industry for her entire career. She took over the bistro at The Leonardo a few months ago and she has completely revamped the entire menu. 

Britt and the Leonardo know how hard it can be when you’re hungry and especially when you and the kids are doing mental exercises, it’s very important that you can comprehend more than an empty stomach allows you to.

Stay as long as you’d like and enjoy their menu!

For more information about the Leonardo and other available exhibits, you can visit their website.

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