Patti Henry releases a highly-anticipated new book, Two Lifetimes

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(Good Things Utah) – Joining Good Things Utah today to share how to walk in integrity and the release of her new book, Two Lifetimes, is psychotherapist and author, Patti Henry. Patti is on her Holiday Book Tour right now to celebrate the release.

The remarkable book is written to help people move from being run by their wounded emotional child to being run by their empowered authentic adult self. It chronicles shifting from living life fearfully to living life powerfully and lovingly. It will change your life.

Patti Henry believes it’s possible to heal ourselves, heal each other, and heal the world. Patti writes to help people grow and heal. Her writing comes from more than 30 years in private practice working with individuals and couples seeing what works and what doesn’t work. She focuses on healing relationships as well as helping people get over the fear.

She lives and works in Houston, Texas, though she travels and speaks throughout the United States.

Find Two Lifetimes on Amazon to learn more about Patti Henry on her website.

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