SALT LAKE CITY (Good Things Utah) — There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition. Though when the whole group wants to join, what game is out there for everyone? Fittingly described as Pickleball marrying Spikeball, the latest game sensation hitting stores goes by the name PaddleSmash.

Tested over several years and now available near you, PaddleSmash is the ultimate outdoor group game to get everyone in on the action. Pulling some of the best elements from two popular pastimes and fusing them, this new party favorite is tons of fun and easy to learn.

PaddleSmash Set Includes:

  • 1 Net System
  • 1 Foldable Court
  • 4 Paddles
  • 2 Balls

How is it played? The rules are simple and require only three quick tips to get started…


“It’s a new game, so you’ll need about 5 minutes to get used to gameplay. Fight through it…it’ll be worth it.”


“This is a BIG change from other games and keeps players from hitting aggressive serves. Also, the serve DOES NOT count as one of your three hits.”


“Unlike Spikeball and Volleyball, you can hit the ball twice in a row. Just make sure both players hit the ball at least once.”

Once everyone begins getting the hang of this game, it can quickly become a riot of competitive fun amongst a group of whoever would like to play.

Even better, it can be played on a variety of terrains from grass to snow — the world is your playground with PaddleSmash.

If you’d like to pick up yours before the holidays, the best chance is to find one at a Dick’s Sporting Goods location nearest you.

Learn more about this new game and its rules by going online to

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