SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – Helping to keep you healthy and achieving your wellness goals not just when you are sick, but always, is what Optum and its caregivers do. Optum wants to be your partner in helping you reach your overall health goals at every stage of your life – to help you build a better, healthier life.

Optum’s Approach to Wellness:

• Optum members have a primary care doctor, and a whole care team, focused on your unique, individual needs.
• And you get faster, easier, and more ways to get the care you need. There are traditional, in-office visits, but also virtual appointments that can take place right in your home.

• When you visit your doctor, you’ll work together not just to diagnose and treat a disease, but also to create a whole health plan, that will help you be in a better position to address future concerns and your long-term health.
• Behind the scenes, Optum is studying the health needs and conditions of millions of people. And all those data points help Optum create more effective, personalized care plans, which are used to guide your care team through reaching your personal health goals. This is an especially helpful approach to treating long-term health conditions like diabetes, heart issues, and others.

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