(Good Things Utah) Loyally serving his community for 6 years now, Cash is one of several exceptional K9 Officers working with the Unified Police Department in Salt Lake City. Trained in both narcotics detection and apprehension work, Officer Cash has played a vital role in keeping Utah residents, and his fellow unit, safe from danger. On top of his basic training, this faithful German Shepherd also completes annual certification programs to prepare for any unsafe scenarios that may come up while on duty.

Despite the common misconception about K9 Officers, Cash is full of personality and loves any chance to greet strangers with his playful grin. Along with his handler Sgt. Ryan Watson, Cash is able to hold informative demonstrations for a variety of local organizations including schools, businesses, and churches. Due to his friendly nature and impressive talents as an officer, Cash has quickly become a local treasure in the Utah community.

“We want to recognize them for the difference they’re making,” says Chris Thresher with The Advocates about the unit. “These dogs are important, not only to protect the community but to protect our officers that are in harm’s way; so we want to recognize them for what they’re doing.”

As part of their effort to support Officer Cash and his fellow four-legged heroes, The Advocates have generously donated to a non-profit charity called Friends for Unified Police K9. The local non-profit works to provide these K9 officers with much-needed protective equipment and training opportunities.

To make a donation to Friends for Unified Police K9, visit their website at www.updk9.org.

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