(Good Things Utah) Kids are officially back in class and the season is quickly finding its stride. This back-to-school setting is nothing new for older learners in the K-12 system. But for children going into Kindergarten, they’re entering an ecosystem they’ve never before experienced. And for some, this transition can be abrupt — often leading to students getting left behind in their learning.

Giving kids the help they need to enter school with confidence, Waterford Upstart is an effective at-home program that costs nothing for families to participate. Now in more than 15 states around the country, the program here is funded by the Utah State Legislature with help from generous sponsors and partners.

Designed using state-of-the-art software, the state-sponsored program gives children simple and engaging lessons, while also providing families with mentoring, support, and even equipment if needed.

“If you have a child in the home that is on that path to learning how to read, this program is for you,” remarks Kim Fischer, National Spokesperson with Waterford.org. “We want families to recognize that every child could use this type of foundation. It doesn’t matter if they’re going to Pre-K during the day, or if they’re just sitting home with you — this is something they can be utilizing…”

With only 15 minutes a day of interactive lessons, 5 days a week, students can achieve 2-3x more learning gains compared to their peers. And according to Kim Fischer, the average Upstart graduate will enter Kindergarten at a nearly 1st-grade level.

To learn more and register your child, go online to Waterford.org/Upstart.

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