No more making the bed: The most convenient sheets you’ve ever owned

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(Good Things Utah) – These are the only set of bed sheets that don’t come untucked at night. They prevent the sheets from being stolen by selfish sleepers, and they don’t press your feet down while making the bed as never been so easy. It’s an absolute breeze.

Sleep Tight is not just another bedding company. It was started to solve the inconveniences that traditional bed sheets present, to save relationships, and help everyone everywhere have a better night’s sleep and an easier, more enjoyable morning.

Normal bed sheets come untucked, they’re stolen by blanket hogs in the night, toes are pressed down when the covers are tucked too tight, and making the bed every morning is chore. Breaking. Hassle. Relationships are jeopardized by the struggle that normal bed sheets present on a nightly basis.

The sheets have some of the best and most thought out features on the market:

  • The innovation of the Forever Tuck. What makes it special. – Patent Pending.
  • 100% long staple cotton. 300 thread count. Percale weave
  • Hand-crafted in the US
  • Solves all the commented issues
  • Stays tucked
  • New products will be launched soon like our Cozy Toez (will bring sample)
  • Currently available in Queen, King, Cal King and we will be getting deep pocket soon.
  • Colors are White, Ivory, and Gray

No more untucked sheets, no more stolen covers, no more messy beds to make in the morning. Introducing the Forever Tuck. A simple, yet incredibly effective, sheet set that helps you sleep better, stay asleep and wake up with a smile.

You can use promo code “GTU” to add an additional 10% off the already existing 20% off all products for the weekend. Visit GoSleepTight now and never make the bed again!

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