Nicea opens up about her reason’s for having the Halo skincare treatment done

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Utah Facial Plastics is known for using a variety of effective treatments in Utah and they are now offering the Halo skincare treatment also. Nicea likes to be out in the sun but as happens with all men and women over time, it creates age spots, wrinkles, and additional skin damage that make us look older and may create insecurities.

Today on Good Things Utah, Nicea, and Katy Larson, NP with Utah Facial Plastics are showing before and after pictures and talking about the procedure. The Halo laser is the first laser that targets multiple layers of skin and addresses multiple skin concerns. It has less downtime than other treatments and is safe for all skin types, not only that but it is a less painful treatment and quicker healing recovery. This treatment is improving both tone and texture, for an overall rejuvenating treatment. 

The Halo Laser treats a variety of mild to severe skin concerns. At Utah Facial Plastics, your provider can and will discuss with you and help to customize a treatment that fits your concerns, needs, and lifestyle. The Halo can address:

– Discoloration                                 – Poor texture
– Sun Damage                                   – Fine Lines
– Visible signs of aging                    – Scar revision
– Uneven, dull skin tone                 – Enlarged Pores

If you are someone who has wrinkles, sun damage, discolored spots, acne scars, or more mature signs of aging in the skin, you would be a perfect person to call about a consultation for Halo. This can also be used on various skin and body types. After one treatment you’ll see noticeable results but it may require multiple sessions to address advanced issues of the skin to see better results.

After your treatment, For the first 24 hours, your skin will be red and swollen. After 24-72 hours you can resume normal activities based on your skin and swelling. Peeling and dryness will likely occur and continue for a few days as it starts to reveal new skin. The best solution is to follow your provider’s instructions.

If you are interested in getting the Halo Skincare treatment done, you can call (801) 960-3137 if you have more questions or schedule online.

Utah Facial Plastics also offers many other Procedures, take a look at their website or follow along on social media to see if they might be able to help you or a loved one get back to feeling secure in who you are in a world of uncertainty.

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