(Good Things Utah) We love our pets more than anything, but dealing with the messes they can leave behind makes it tough to keep a clean home. Our own Nicea from Good Things Utah knows this experience all too well with her beloved pup named Miles. Studies show that approximately 93 percent of pet owners (Nicea included) say they have a problem with urine stains in the home.

While many stains are visible on the surface of our carpets and floors, many stains are resting below fibers, often becoming worse. Not only do these create unsanitary and unsightly stains, but they can also leave behind unpleasant odors when untreated.

Realizing that her floors needed saving from pesky pet stains, Nicea called the Urine Exterminator by Power Plus Cleaning to revitalize her carpet, tile, and grout. Because traditional methods only treat the surface of pet stains, a larger mess lies underneath where, depending on the pet, as much as 2 cups of urine at a time can seep into floors. This kind of damage to carpet leads pet owners to deal with unsightly stains and smells, often needing a costly replacement.

Using a black light, Urine Exterminator experts locate any urine stains, both hidden and visible. Then, using their all-natural, pet-safe, and environmentally-friendly formula, Urine Exterminator can easily treat all 4 layers of carpet all the way to the subfloor. This deep cleaning comes in three different treatment levels depending on the severity of staining.

Topical Treatment for Mild Pet Urine Damage

“This Treatment is for mild cases of pet urine and is usually performed when the pet is small. This process is designed to remove the pet urine from the fibers of the carpet only, and not the backing or the pad. Therefore if the pet urine has soaked into the backing or the padding of the carpet, the odor may persist due to the fact that this process is not treated that far down.

However, if the odor is not an issue, or If you simply want the pet urine removed from the fibers so that you and your family are not walking, sitting, or playing on carpet that is infected with pet urine, then this process is perfect and is also the least expensive. It may help with very mild odor removal, but it is not advertised to do so.”

4-Layer Treatment For Odor Removal

“This treatment is for moderate to advanced cases of pet urine odor. It is performed so as to treat all 4 layers of the flooring (see image above). When the pet urine has penetrated multiple layers of the flooring, it is critical to treat all layers, otherwise, the pet urine odor may continue to persist. First, we apply a strong but safe pet urine solution that breaks down the urine salts so that they can be dissolved into the cleaning solution.

We then use a special tool called a flash extractor that concentrates all of the suction and power of the truck mount machine into a very small area. This concentrated suction pulls out the maximum amount of solution and pet urine as possible. The carpet is then thoroughly rinsed and cleaned. We then apply a specially designed anti-microbial that leaves behind odor-killing enzymes which continue to treat and kill the urine odor as it dries. This process has been proven to be the most effective way to remove the maximum amount of pet urine without having to pull the carpet up or replace the padding.

This process has been proven to remove up to 90% of the odor-causing urine in the carpet.

Full Urine Extermination Process

“For severe to extreme cases. Without question, this process is the most effective way of completely eliminating the pet urine odor in the carpet (next to replacing it). It starts by pulling the carpet up in each room, removing the infected padding, then sealing the sub-flooring to seal in any urine microbes in the wood or cement. A new pad is then installed.

After that, we treat and clean the backside of the carpet (this is called the backing). The carpet is then relaid and stretched back into place. We then treat and clean the entire carpet, eliminating the pet urine and odor from the carpet fibers.

This process has been proven to remove up to 95% of the urine and is the most effective way to treat pet urine.

Courtesy: Urine Exterminator

Experts with Urine Exterminator will determine whether or not a carpet needs replacing when they arrive. If urine has penetrated the flooring, and sealing of the subflooring is required, they can also perform this at an affordable rate. Their dedicated team works hard to serve the community and to make sure every customer is satisfied with the final result.

For more information about services and to schedule a FREE estimate, click the link here or call them today at 801-CARPETS.

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