(Good Things Utah) Finding unique flavors is not uncommon here in Utah. And for those living in the Wasatch Front, the choices are now even better with the opening of the new Woodbine Food Hall.

The establishment itself sits in an old-fashioned, yet renovated, building at 545 W 700 S in Salt Lake City. It consists of a variety of local restaurants — nine to be exact — each sharing the eatery space and bringing new options to the community.

This new food hall will also feature a rooftop bar for visitors aged 21+ to enjoy a refreshing drink while overlooking the surrounding cityscape.

Of the many savory selections there for foodies at Woodbine, one of the most anticipated has been a restaurant called The Taco Lady — named after its founder, owner, and head chef, Elodia Lopez.

Taking the recipes passed down to her by family, Elodia gives visitors an authentic taste of home with specialty taco choices like asada, birria, vapor, chorizo, chicharron, and more.

This cuisine is made popular because of a fresh-made fiesta of flavors as Elodia and her team at The Taco Lady will marinate their meats overnight so they can craft everything from scratch each day. Even better, the tortillas here are made in-house to ensure max freshness.

In hopes of experiencing these flavors first-hand, Katy Sine from Taste Utah sat down with The Taco Lady to learn more about what makes the restaurant so special.

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