New Ticaboo outdoor recreation center

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Chad and Ria from At Your Leisure came back on our show this morning to tell us about a new outdoor recreation center, the Carbon County gun range and the Roxor off-road vehicle. If you are thinking about heading South for the winter to get away from the chilly weather, At Your Leisure has the information you need to have the best family trip over Thanksgiving.

There is a new outdoor recreation center in Glen Canyon. The recreation center is located in Ticaboo, which is right on your way to Bull Frog. Ticaboo is an off-road adventure designed for ATV riding. ATV’s are now allowed to ride in the Grand Canyon. Ticaboo is really a hidden gem that is the perfect family getaway this winter. 

If you are looking to mix up your usual Thanksgiving traditions, head down to the Carbon County gun range. There will be sharp shooters there to put on a fun show, as well as to teach everyone how to sharp shoot. You can eat a full Thanksgiving meal at the Carbon County gun range and enjoy the holiday as a real life cowboy. Your family will love spending the day walking around an old-fashioned western town.

Chad and Ria also let us know about a fun new off-road vehicle, the Roxor. The Roxor is essentially a jeep that is has an updated body-style and diesel engine, since it was licensed in 1947. They are being imported back into the United States as an off-road vehicle.The Roxor is estimated to be around the same price range as a razor. 

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