People are overwhelmed with their digital photos, they don’t have time or the know-how to print them. They’re not backing them up. Cheap photo books fall apart. It’s an organizational mess. How many photos are on your camera roll? What do we do with all those photos? This new Mobile App is designed to help you get your photos OFF your phone and into a keepsake story box without tedious uploading.

The Persnickety Box App is free, easy to use with no uploading required. Simply swipe 30 of your favorite photos into the app and enjoy a keepsake story box delivered each month filled with 4×4” fuji archival prints. (show prints and story box. “who, what, when, where” prompts are on the sides of the box where you can jot down important details. 

Stephanie from Gatehouse spoke a few weeks ago about the latest trend of open shelving. Now you can replace your coffee table book with a story box full of memories. This clean and modern photo “system” is designed to match any home or office aesthetic. The photos will last forever too. They convert your digital photo into a digital negative and process it like film, still using a dark room! This tried and true photo developing process stands the test of time. The image is embedded into silver halide paper for the most archival, water, and scratch-resistant product.

The app is NOW available on iOS and in Google Play. Download it today and see how easy it is to get your photos into your hands! A new box opens in the app each month for $19.99. Close your boxes when you’re ready, there is no time constraint. The FIRST 500 viewers who subscribe will receive 50% off their first box with code: gtu

Go to Persnickety Prints now to learn more.

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