(Good Things Utah) When relationships become stagnant — especially physically — the connection that once existed can begin to fade over time. For men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED), this loss of connection can bring on a whole host of anxieties, when they should be focusing on intimacy with their partner. The issue is far from uncommon, too, with well over 3 million sufferers in the United States each year.

While past treatments have involved the heavy use of medications to get relief, a new treatment by Wasatch Medical Center is showing even better results with no side effects.

By utilizing True Pulse Protocol technology — also known as Acoustic Wave Therapy — pulsating sound waves work to rebuild and strengthen blood vessels for optimum performance. Overall, this increases blood flow and ensures a more pleasurable intimate connection with a partner.

Even better, this treatment is completely non-invasive — separating itself from other therapies because it’s needle-free, surgery-free, and drug-free.

Sessions at Wasatch Medical Clinic are remarkably private and take only 25 minutes or less. Before treatment, patients will receive a FREE blood flow ultrasound to indicate the level of care needed, as well as review their medical history and current health.

To book your initial appointment with Wasatch Medical Clinic in Salt Lake City or St. George, visit them online at WasatchMedicalClinic.com or call them at 801-901-8000.

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