Salt Lake City, Utah (Good Things Utah) — Spring is quickly approaching and it might be time for a home refresh. We went out to Incredible Dwellings and Beyond for a peak inside their showroom full of inspiration.

Incredible Dwellings and Beyond is a gem of a spot here in Salt Lake City. We spoke with Eleanor Ramirez about her showroom and she said, “The word Beyond is attached because we do Home Staging, Interior Design, Home Re-Design, Floral Design, so that is why the word Beyond is attached to the name of our store.”

There’s no where else that’s similar to this showroom, but you can step foot into all of the different vignettes. We asked how often they are changed and Eleanor said, “We change them as much as we can when we get shipment or no shipment, I’ll move things around. Especially when I’m by myself here in the evenings. So I shift things that inspire me. Anywhere from my hiking to my walking. Anything.”

Once you come in the showroom, you get mesmerized. So, what makes their furniture store so unique?

  • They have in-house designers to help choose the right pieces and can provide guidance with furniture layout.
  • Their showroom is located in a warehouse that they transformed into 12 x12 inspirational vignettes.
  • Incredible Dwellings and Beyond works hard to seek one of a kind pieces and doesn’t purchase from mass manufacturers.
  • They have 5,000 sq. feet of used furniture to sell at a discounted rate because they offer home staging services.
  • They cater to all people. Therefore, they have a wide range prices to meet any budget.
  • Incredible Dwellings and Beyond is a small local company but they have an online store and can ship nationwide, either directly from their store or drop-shipped from suppliers.

Incredible Dwellings and Beyond’s other services:

  • Home Staging
  • Interior Design
  • Home Re-Design
  • Floral Design

Incredible Dwellings & Beyond

1676 South 700 West SLC, UT. 


Want to shake things up in one of your own spaces? Visit Incredible Dwellings and Beyond in person or online at

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