SALT LAKE CITY (Good Things Utah) — With Utah’s continued low unemployment rate and an economy that continues to grow, Utah employers are ready to hire. The Department of Workforce Services has partnered with Silicon Slopes to host a virtual job fair on January 12th to help Utah job seekers looking to start the new year with a new job. 

For those who’re searching this season, Workforce Services has many tools and tips to make the process simple. What’s some advice they have for job seekers out there right now?

Update your resume

While it’s easy to fret over the details of your resume, employers only spend an average of 10 to 30 seconds looking at each resume they receive. For this reason, it’s best to target your resume to the specific employer you’re considering. Research the job you’re applying to and tailor your resume to show relevant experience and skills.

Prepare for an interview

Learn about the company and be ready to share why you would be an asset to their team. Many employers will say “tell me about yourself”, which should be met with a prepped response about your experience, skills, and strengths. Practice often for best results.

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