SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – Is your neck showing some unwelcome signs of aging? Some loose, wrinkled or sagging skin you would like to refresh. Now you can without having surgery.

Utah Facial Plastics offers some non-surgical aesthetic treatments to help your neck look smoother and refreshed. In addition to applying good skin care treatments at home to your neck, like you would your face, Utah Facial Plastics says they have good treatment options to offer including botox for bands, filler, Hyperdilute Radiesse & Sculptra for neck lines and PDO Threads. They also offer laser resurfacing and surgical treatments.

Utah Facial Plastics recommends scheduling a consultation to determine the best plan for treatment. And now is a great time to visit Utah Facial Plastics to take advantage of some great special offers – like saving 10% off gift cards of $1500 or more (great Mother’s Day gift idea), or a Botox gift card you can purchase on May 10th worth $150 for only $100 – visit to get this gift card special offer on May 10th.

Visit for more information about services and deals. Or call 801-960-3137 to schedule an appointment.

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