(Good Things Utah) In a world full of distractions, we have a lot to be stressed about these days. And it’s no secret that stress can be harmful to our health in many ways, but one of the ways it can affect us most is through our hair.

There a several factors that can cause hair loss, though stress can often cause the most acute forms of loss. While there are many treatments available for the issue, many involve the use of medications or regular visits with a trained specialist.


Keeping our hair out of intensive care for years now, VITIV by Patty Goudie is continuing to see impressive testimonials and results coming from around the nation.

A superfood formula helps to fill hair gaps with DTM (damage transforming moisture). It’s power-packed with naturally derived vitamin-rich ingredients.

Applied topically directly to the hair and scalp, making it an ultra-effective treatment to infuse moisture.


A healthy and effective way to treat damaged hair, VITIV is a fan favorite for many reasons. Treatment is simple and the formulation is silky smooth, leaving hair feeling soft to the touch.

For more information and to browse products, visit them online at www.vitiv.com.


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