More face time, less screen time: 5 creative games to help bring your family together

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(Good Things Utah) – In today’s highly digitized world, there are endless devices and distractions that make it hard for families to fully connect and make quality memories. And with the amount of time children in Utah spend on mobile screens growing more and more each year, it’s becoming even more challenging.

Just like Wes Marriott, Founder of Gatwick Games, growing up, screens weren’t as much of a thing as they are now, and some of his happiest, most bonding time as a family was spent playing games together.

With screen-time going up in the world and people more disconnected than ever, one Utah game company has been pushing the campaign “less screentime more game time.

Gatwick Games creates situations where people can make meaningful connections and relationships. They believe that physical games are at the heart of bringing people together and building those relationships.

The Board Game and Card Game company, based in Utah, makes their games so fun and so interesting that people can’t help but get off their screens and connect with each other.

Gatwick Games shares five games that are ideal for Christmas presents: 

Goat Lords

Goat Lords is a dramatic and hilariously addicting card game for the whole family!

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Reigning Unicorns

Reigning Unicorns is a game where players race to be the first to get rid of all of their cards.

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A “tricky” game of bidding against your friends.

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Loot N Loaded

Strike a balance between good strategy and quick shooting and it will be your key to victory!

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Racekart Riot

Racekart Riot is a racing video game, turned into a board game! Racekart Riot maintains all the craziness of your favorite retro racing video games but adds in some fun twists that make for some good strategy. 

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Join the movement and commit to spending less time on screens, and more time building connections that really matter. It doesn’t even have to be games, just find someone who means a lot to you, and find a way to connect with them in a meaningful way.

To shop for some amazing holiday games, visit Gatwick Games now.

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