Meet two residents enjoying life at Ovation Sienna Hills

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(Good Things Utah) – Retiring in St. George means exploring black lava flows and cottonwood glades. It means living in a warm-weather retreat with luxury spas, shopping, golf courses, museums, and more. With a temperature climate and an abundance of activities, St. George will keep older adults and their extended families engaged and entertained. All of its wonderful features make St. George, Utah a good place to retire.

You might think that you aren’t ready or you’re too young for senior living, but when people make the switch, they rarely harbor any regrets. One such couple, John and Linda Julius are residents at Ovation Sienna Hills and are loving life.

John and Linda have stayed active since moving into Ovation Sienna Hills two months ago. They play pool, table tennis, pickleball, and even make time to swim a mile every day in the on-site pool.

Deciding to move into Ovation wasn’t easy for John and Linda, but living in a smaller place with less work, having access to an in-house team of medical staff, and being able to socialize right outside their private villa made moving completely worth it.

At The Ovation Sienna Hills, you’ll find all the services and amenities you need to create the retirement that you deserve.

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