Medicare 101: common questions and answers

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Insurance broker Taylor Miller joins us to help answer the common questions when signing up for Medicare health insurance. Medicare is a government funded program for people 65 and older or those with qualifying disabilities. 

If you’re wondering, are there different Medicare Plans? Miller says, “Yes! A lot of people add a supplement or Medicare advantage plan with their Medicare plan they can get form the government. The Medicare form the government only covers about 80% leaving you with some pretty hefty deductibles. So these plans can help you feel in the gap.”

The most important time of year for people with Medicare coverage is October 15th to December 7th. This is when you can make changes to their current coverage.

Miller specializes in helping people with these choices. He is also an independent broker who represents all the local insurance companies so he can really help you find the best plans for your needs. 

To contact Taylor Miller you can email or call him at or call at 801-243-4775. 

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