Mastering the bedroom

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Reagan with ABC4 joined Marsha Holfeltz with Madison McCord Interiors to look at ways to master the bedroom by enhancing the space to be a comfy, cozy, restful, and of course stunning retreat.

Today Marsha talks us through the steps that Madison McCord Interiors has when you decide to design any furniture with them.

  • Pick your style
  • Pick your fabric
  • Pick your accessories
  • Wait for 3 weeks
  • Enjoy!

With Madison McCord Interiors you can rest assured that all products are made in the USA and no animals are harmed in the making of their products.

Madison McCord Interiors is where shoppers go to save up to 60% on top quality, furnishings, samples, and specials. Their inventory changes weekly so you will find that special item you’ve been searching for to make your bedroom unique.

Madison McCord Interiors offers three different experts to help you design any space in your home.

Dave is an expert in the use of space and everyone that meets him or works with him walks away with a feeling of purpose and importance.  He is the lighter side of Madison McCord and tastefully integrates pastels into every project. 

Marsha started off in the design business importing textiles and fabric in 1993. In 2003 Marsha began sourcing high-quality furniture one piece at a time. Her single-minded focus was to build a portfolio of unique furniture at a variety of price points while creating a reputation of dedication to customer service. 

Chad is the trend guru and always knows what is in the “now”  He has a cult following of clients that use his expert knowledge of fabric choices to create the most opulent spaces possible.  He is very versed in our Rene Cazaras and Hiatt Furniture lines and if it is quality that you are looking for, Chad can put together a set that is both dramatic and comfortable. 

For more information visit Madison McCord Interiors on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Houzz.

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