Joining Nicea DeGearing of ABC4 today is Dr. Mary Clifton, an internal medicine doctor from New York City and a member of the Boomer Naturals Advisory Board to discuss Masks and how they’ve become the New Normal.

Face covers and masks are part of the new normal for your own protection and the safety of those you love. It’s also important to make sure you have the right protection.

Face Masks and protective face covers from Boomer Naturals conform to the most recent guidance from the World Health Organization:

The ideal combination of material for non-medical masks should include three layers as follows:

  • An innermost layer of a hydrophilic material (e.g. cotton or cotton blends)
  • An outermost layer made of hydrophobic material (e.g., polypropylene, polyester, or their blends) which may limit external contamination from penetration through to the wearer’s nose and mouth
  • A middle hydrophobic layer of synthetic non-woven material such as polypropylene or a cotton layer which may enhance filtration or retain droplets.

Many states and municipalities require face covers masks if you are in public, some stores are requiring it to shop there, and many businesses are requiring them to work. The purpose of a face cover mask from Boomer Natural is to protect you from droplets that could be spread by someone near you – or to protect others when you are in close proximity.

There are a lot of different types of face covers and each have different levels of effectiveness. Here is a list of a few examples:

  • Home-made and bandana/scarves: Masks made at home, masks from bandanas are not as effective from protecting you from infection.
  • Medical /1-time use/paper, many masks like these are only good for one day use and shouldn’t be reused, making them hard to get and very costly over time.
  • N95, dustproof mask a (only available for medical)

Boomer Naturals 30-day face covering: Three layers of protection, each layer is treated with, the anti-bacterial protection and lasts on the cloth for 30 days.

Dr. Mary Clinton with Boomer Naturals says “The biggest issue is protection. Masks you may make or buy online might have the protection of 2% to 60%. It really varies.”

A face cover like the one from Boomer Naturals with nanosilver technology weaved into the three layers, that gives you peace of mind. Many studies show how effective nanosilver technology is with used in a face covering to block particles and droplets.

Fit and coverage is an important factor, you have to make sure the face cover mask fits and is the right size Especially for children, they can’t just wear an adult size. and you should be able to wash and reuse your face cover or mask without sacrificing protection.

The one that Dr. Mary Clinton with Boomer Naturals has found to be very effective is the Boomer Naturals face cover masks that use special nano-silver technology to stop particles from getting through to the nose and mouth. These masks have three layers of protection; each layer is treated to be anti-bacterial. What is also exciting is the way they are treated, the anti-bacterial protection lasts on the cloth for 30 days, washable, comfortable, and come in adult and kid’s sizes.

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