Salt Lake City, Utah (Good Things Utah) — When you think of men having concerns in the bedroom you wouldn’t think that you would see a woman as such a strong advocate for finding a way to help correct such a taboo subject.

Today we have Katelyn Harward with Wasatch Medical Clinic in the studio to talk about why men AND women need to talk about a revolutionary approach to treating E.D. and why this should be a relationship discussion.

Taking pills for E.D. can mask the issue, Wasatch Medical Clinic wants to help find a lasting solution that allows natural spontaneity with a proven approach to treating E.D. No pills, No injections, and No surgery.

After an assessment and exam from a doctor, a series of non-invasive treatments using an FDA-approved device may help repair existing blood vessels as well as grow new blood vessels to improve blood flow to treat E.D. at the root of the cause.

Physical intimacy is important to relationships but it also has many health benefits, including Long lasting, non-invasive treatment for E.D. without the side effects of pills and injections. Improved intimacy in relationships and self-confidence.

Call (801) 901-8000 or visit the Wasatch Medical Clinic website today for a free exam and blood flow ultrasound.

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