Make Utah’s favorite cookies in the comfort of your home this Christmas

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(Good Things Utah) – The Sugar Cookie in St. George is offering plenty of options for getting your sugar fix during the holidays. With their cookie kits, decorating kits-gingerbread, and Christmas tree shapes, you can create beautiful, holiday-themed baked goods without covering your countertops in flour.

The Sugar Cookie in Southern Utah uses real butter and real cream cheese and makes everything from scratch and bakes them fresh all day long. They don’t use any artificial preservatives, just like mom used to make. The only thing that’s different is mom didn’t have time to make so many flavors.

The best thing about The Sugar Cookie is you can order them online. The BEST bakery cookies in the state can be ordered online from their website and delivered right to your door.

You love cookies. Your mom loves cookies. Everyone loves cookies. They’re pretty much the most universally beloved dessert. So get your hands on these delicious cookies from The Sugar Cookie in St. George or order them online now.

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