(Good Things Utah) Did you know that just sitting in front of your phones, tablets, and laptops can prematurely age your skin? During the holiday season, we’re all spending even more time on our electronic devices, keeping in touch with our friends and families. What exactly is causing pre-mature aging from our phones and tablets?

Luckily, Ulli Haslacher from Pour Moi Skincare has created a product that is kind of a “security guard” for your face and will stop blue light radiation so that you can have beautiful skin all year long. Now you can stop that damage in its tracks in just 60 seconds!

The Duo Mask Set

The best news? For a limited time, the Pour Moi Skincare Merry Mask Duo is available and bargain-basement prices. So you can get one for yourself and one for that special person on your list.

Shop this incredible deal by going to Pour Moi Skincare – Holiday Deals or find out more about this game-changing brand on their website.

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