Fragrance has a powerful effect on your mind and body. Open up to it. With Moji Luxury Frangrances, you can connect with the notes that speak to you, and go on a sensational journey. It’s your journey, after all.

Moji home fragrance devices don’t use wax or heat, making them incredibly safe for kids and pets. Never worry about spilled wax or liquid, heat, flames, and any other dangers that accompany the typical candle, wax warmer, liquid plugins, etc. You can drop it, tip it upside down, take it anywhere with you without worrying about anything spilling or burning you.

Moji has a brand new smart fragrance device that was just released called the AirMoji II. New features include:

  • Can be controlled using an app.
  • Abe to create your own custom schedule.
  • LED light that can be customized with different colors and used as a night light.
  • Control the level of fragrance intensity

You aren’t restricted to plugging this into an outlet, you can charge the battery and put the AirMoji II anywhere in your home. Moji also has a large variety of fragrances and essential oils, including seasonal fragrances that can be used in all of their devices! 

Moji offers specials every month on their website and is always running fun promotions and flash sales. The AirMoji II comes in 3 colors, black and grey that were released in February, and white which was just released on April 1st. Moji has two new Spring fragrances to go along with your new AirMoji II: Orchid & Apricot and Wild Honeysuckle.

Visit Moji to order any Moji products and make sure to look out for special deals and new releases.

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