(Good Things Utah) We have plenty of delicious choices for Mexican cuisine here in Utah. Many residents believe that all Latin cuisine is created equal, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are different regions throughout Mexico, each producing its unique flavors from locally-sourced ingredients. In Northern Mexico, the water-adjacent cities are well-known for their varieties of seafood.

Taking these fresh flavors from the seas of Sonora and bringing them to Utah, a restaurant named Del Mar is giving locals a new twist on classic Latin creations. Nestled in the mountains of Utah County, the restaurant is vibrant and nautically themed with wood-paneled walls, spacious seating, and charming light fixtures next to hand-carved paddleboats above.

The fast-casual menu at Del Mar is timeless offering familiar favorites like tacos, burritos, and tostadas in a variety of proteins including shrimp, marlin, and tilapia, among many other fishy fusions. There’s also a nice selection of cocktails here, mixed with savory seaside flavors.

Everything at Del Mar is made from scratch and in-house, ensuring every dish has the same high-quality taste before reaching the customer.

To learn more and browse the menu, go to DelMarUT.com or find it at 598 W Main St. in American Fork.

This restaurant was highlighted by Katy Sine from Taste Utah in her search for the state’s most delicious dining destinations. She’s visited many different local establishments around Utah and found some amazing hidden gems along the way. To see more restaurants, visit TasteUtah.com.

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