(Good Things Utah) – If you are uninsured or need to re-enroll in health insurance, it’s the season to roll up your sleeves, gather your documents, and pick a health insurance plan for 2021.

Even if you like your current plan, it’s important to re-evaluate your plan and look at the options for next year. Your plan may have changed its providers or the drugs it covers. Or, new plans may have become available that would suit your situation better. Open enrolment began November 1st, so now is the time to get on top of it. For health insurance to begin January 1st, any application must be submitted by December 15th.

If you don’t choose a new plan, your existing plan may continue your coverage, but don’t assume that will happen because not all plans continue year to year. Choosing a health plan can be complicated and many people get help with it.

This year there are 7 Insurance companies in the marketplace including 1 new carrier. Each carrier has several plans to choose from there are 69 plans to consider. Plans are getting much more complex and getting harder for consumers to understand There is a lot to consider.

Get help from Local Care

Local Care’s program allows you to see, at a glance, what your out-of-pocket expenses will be when considering multiple healthcare plans. With dozens of health insurance plans to consider and as many health profiles as there are people, you can count on them to identify which plan is best for you. Their objective is to always align you with healthcare benefits that will provide you with joyful, stress-free living. Which of course includes saving you money. 

You can make changes to your Medicare plan up until December 7th. Take this opportunity to have a Local Agent explain to you all of the benefits that are available to you, many at no cost.  For a lot of employees, this is the open enrollment period.

If you want help, pick the best option for you and your family Local Care a call. They’ve found that often a less generous plan coupled with one of their subsidies can increase your take-home pay and save you thousands if you have a major health issue.

Call or schedule an appointment now. Local Care experts are standing by. 

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