Local coffee shop hosts 2 brothers traveling across the country and offers FREE food

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(GTU) – Brothers, Aiden and Louis Ardine, two former restaurant workers who were displaced from their service industry jobs during the pandemic, turned their fortunes around and are now doing the unthinkable.

Now, they’re on a bold quest to Walk Across America to raise awareness and money for restaurant workers whose lives have been negatively impacted by the pandemic – just like their own. The brothers promise to raise money, sleep in tents, and most of all give out lots of free food along the way.

The Journey

To give back to an industry that they for so long loved being a part of, Aiden and Louis, a writer and an artist, decided to walk across the United States to fundraise for Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation and other nonprofit organizations across the US.

The two brothers from Red Bank, New Jersey are documenting the entire journey from the skyscrapers of New York to the sunny golden hills of California. In total, they will trek through 3,000 miles, 11 states, multiple major cities, and countless small towns.

One of their main sponsors, cell giant Verizon, seeing the obvious potential of the campaign, decided to partner with the brothers on their journey across the states early on. The Ardines are supported by Verizon in a number of ways, including:

  • Making a donation and setting up a Text-to-Donate program to make it easy for consumers to donate $10 to the COCO Fund by texting COCO to 501501
  • Providing new 5G phones so the Ardines can document their journey for their social media followers.
  • Hosting meet-and-greets at Verizon stores across the country.

We love what Aiden and Louis are doing for small businesses and restaurants and are delighted to team up with them to raise awareness and support their goal of raising money for restaurant workers.

Krista Bourne, Senior Vice President and President of Consumer Sales and Operations at Verizon

Verizon has donated money to one of our favorite local coffee shops: LA BARBA, in Salt Lake City. The generous donation is a “thank you” for hosting the Ardine brothers for a much-needed rest on their long journey west. Not only will you get to meet the brothers at La Barba Coffee, but you will also get some free food. How do tacos and coffee sound good?

All the funds from the Aldine Brothers Walk Across America go to organizations that provide assistance to restaurant workers impacted by COVID-19. These include the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation and the COCO Fund.

Donate $10 to the COCO Fund by texting COCO to 501501, donate $25 by texting SUPPORT to 501501 or by visiting their website.

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